The Provider

Wellness Symposium

National Conference & Wellness Expo

Austin, TX
Nov 4-6, 2022


If there is one thing the past year and a half has taught us, it’s that we need to be flexible because things can change dramatically. As we have watched the COVID numbers continuously climb, it has become clear to us that we needed to push the conference back a year to fall 2022 (assuming COVID rates are lower).

The mission of our conference is to assist our overwhelmed healthcare workers in taking care of themselves. If we were to have the conference as scheduled, we believe that we would be putting added pressure on them and our already taxed healthcare system.

For those that have already registered for the conference, thank you so much. One of our team members will be reaching out to you directly with next steps.

We are looking forward to our rescheduled conference November 4-6, 2022, as we know it is so necessary for those of us in the healthcare industry.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

The Symposium

Two Days of Powerful Talks & Experiences
Nov 4-6, 2022

As a healthcare professional, your life is dedicated to taking care of others. While the calling is noble and you are heroes for everyone you take care of, the burden you carry can be heavy. Who is there to take care of caregivers like you?


The Provider Wellness Symposium is a national conference and wellness expo that promotes health and wellness for healthcare providers. Our mission is to help caregivers learn to properly self-care and give providers tools to better care for themselves, so they can more effectively care for others. 

This conference was designed specifically for providers like you. Even though you love your job, you may feel tired, burnt out, have a hard time coping and may even be tempted to turn to unhealthy habits to get through the day. You need a place where you can get away, learn how to take care of yourself while you take care of others, and meet other clinicians who experience your same struggles and stressors.

Topics covered: 

  • Stress Management 

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Sleep

  • Mindfulness/Meditation

  • Music Therapy 

  • Fitness

  • Nutrition 

  • & Many More



to the Provider Wellness Symposium.

Being held at the peaceful Lost Pines Resort & Spa, nestled in 405 acres along the Colorado River, The Provider Wellness Symposium provides the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Top experts in the industry will teach how to take care of yourself through both lecture style learning and hands-on experiences. In addition, enjoy the ultimate relaxation with an afternoon at the spa, horseback riding, petting a Texas Longhorn or just sharing experiences around a campfire with some freshly made s’mores. This conference weekend promises to have everything you need to let the stress and fatigue melt away.


 Lectures & Experiences


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Clinicians who care for the ill are at high risk for decreased physical and emotional well-being including burnout, decreased resiliency  and productivity. In addition, clinicians can experience moral distress and compassion fatigue. This event aims to give providers tools to better care for themselves, so they can more effectively care for others.

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